The Book: Cut The Bullshit Marketing

What if you only have limited marketing dollars to invest? What if you have a CEO and CFO that chase you and ask for increased revenue from marketing? What if you are sick and tired of being a cost center and you want to be a profit center?

It is time to cut the bullsh*t in your marketing and focus on the two things that really matter; your customers AND running marketing programs that generate revenue for the company. You will make that so desired promotion and you will impress your investors, CEO and CFO….and your customers.

Cut the Bullsh*t Marketing is a hands-on book about people-to-people marketing in business settings. The book shows you how to design and run effective marketing, without resorting to bullsh*t. It includes methods, insights and real-life anecdotes taken from the broad experience of the authors. The book helps you gain deep understanding of your customers, engage with your target audience in a personal way, and create a Cut the Bullsh*t marketing organization.

This marketing approach helped take NXP from a top 20 player in the semiconductor industry to become one of the top 5

Rick Clemmer

President & CEO , NXP

How to deliver tangible results and meaningful profits. This is a no non-sense, practical book that will impact your business.

Mike Noonen

Semiconductor executive, founder, Silicon Catalyst


Sander Arts

Sander Arts

Author | CMO | Advisor

Mark Geljon

Mark Geljon

Author |Managing Partner

Jeroen Grit

Jeroen Grit

Author | Managing partner

Robert Slagter

Robert Slagter

Editor | Senior Consultant

This book will help you become a better professional with a stronger connection into the board room. The authors of this book have proven their impact in Philips and NXP and I have personally seen the strong results of their approach.

Frans van Houten

CEO, Royal Philips NV

Cut the Bullsh*t Marketing is inspirational for every marketing student.

Baba Shiv

Professor of Marketing, Stanford University

Marketing can be a tier 1 operational value driver as the transformation of NXP has shown. This book shares the core mechanics of such excellent marketing at work. It is a great read.

Johannes P. Huth

Member of KKR and Head of KKR's operations in EMEA

At Atmel we were able to connect investments in marketing to their bottom line impact. This is what digital marketing provides and is the trend of the future.

Steven Laub

Former President and CEO, Atmel Corporation