Marketing is so often full of bullsh*t: there are countless examples of corporate, unimaginative messages delivered to the wrong people, at the wrong time. Developing and executing these campaigns consumes marketing budgets and the energy of capable people, while the effects are unclear. At best, marketing departments can say something about pageviews or likes on social media, but the contribution to the business remains unknown. We are committed to fight this type of marketing with our Cut the Bullsh*t approach!

Cut The Bullsh*t Marketing

Our Cut the Bullsh*t marketing approach is all about understanding the people you are targetting, engaging with them digitally and physically in a personal manner, with a strong focus on return on investment and revenue. With this focus, marketing teams can work on things that matter, have fun, and add to the bottom line. In our book, we show you how to design and run effective marketing, without resorting to bullsh*t. In it, we share methods, insights and a wide range of real examples from our broad experience in the high-tech industry to illustrate what worked (and what not!) and what we learned along the way.

Bullsh*t detector

Quite in line with our Cut the Bullsh*t marketing approach, Adobe has published this video. If marketeers in your organization talk the same way as the people in this video, it is time to Cut the Bullsh*t! Digital marketing contributions to the business should be clear, and expressed in terms of return on investment and revenue.

Note: the authors are in no way affiliated with, or sponsored by Adobe. There are various good tools to measure digital marketing effects, next to the ones Adobe offers. 

Bullsh*t Marketing vs Cut the Bullsh*t Marketing

We should not forget to cut the bullsh*t ourselves. A visitor could argue that we are also putting up a lot of bullsh*t and that we are selling marketing methods instead of raw earnings. Remember the crucial difference: bullsh*t is when marketing is presented as a deliverable – a result in itself. It should always be positioned as a means to an end – a way to create loyal customers and add revenue. How, though, can you recognize bullsh*t marketing?

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Cut the Bullsh*t Marketing is a hands-on book about people-to-people marketing in business settings. The book shows you how to design and run effective marketing, without resorting to bullsh*t. It includes methods, insights and real-life anecdotes taken from the broad experience of the authors. The book helps you gain deep understanding of your customers, engage with your target audience in a personal way, and create a Cut the Bullsh*t marketing organization.