This book reflects the essence of what I feel is important when building a company: Engage with your customers and generate revenue and ROI. I believe that anyone involved in B2B or B2C marketing should pick up this book. It will help marketers focus on what matters in large companies, and on what customers truly value. This book will help you become a better professional with a stronger connection into the board room. The authors of this book have proven their impact in Philips and NXP and I have personally seen the strong results of their approach.

Cut the Bullsh*t Marketing covers state-of-the-art marketing techniques that are clear and concise in language and very actionable, without the hyperbole we often see in today’s ineffective marketing. The book highlights the importance of clearly identifying and communicating with customers, having a clear, easy-to-understand vision for marketing programs, developing integrated marketing campaigns that include a wide variety of marketing tools and channels and many other topics that will resonate with leaders in marketing. Finally, this is book is all about creating and tracking the right KPIs. Sander, Mark and Jeroen did a great job in bringing this together in a no bullsh*t way, making it a valuable tool for more effectiveness in your daily business.

Frans van Houten

CEO, Royal Philips

I am a strong believer in ‘applied academic approaches’ that take state of the art methodologies and transform this into practical business tools that generate impact. Cut the Bullsh*t Marketing is a great example of ‘the best of both worlds’ and inspirational for every marketing student.

Baba Shiv

Professor of Marketing, Stanford University

Sander, Mark, Jeroen have created a blueprint that every executive should read. Cut the Bullsh*t Marketing proves why it is crucial to understand and reach makers as well as market makers with a personal, engaging experience. With great first hand success stories (such as NXP Semiconductors), they show how to deliver tangible results and meaningful profits. This is a no non-sense, practical book that will impact your business.

Mike Noonen

Semiconductor executive, founder, Silicon Catalyst

Marketing is only valuable when it leads to more revenue.  As described in this book, at Atmel we were able to connect investments in marketing to their bottom line impact. This is what digital marketing provides and is the trend of the future.

Steven Laub

Former President and CEO, Atmel

In private equity, there is no successful investment strategy without improving the operational performance of the assets. Marketing can be a tier 1 operational value driver as the transformation of NXP has shown. This book shares the core mechanics of such excellent marketing at work. It is a great read.

Johannes P. Huth

Head of operations in Europe, the Middle East, and Africa, KKR

My Core belief is that an organization should have “Customer focused; passion to win” at the center of its strategy. At NXP, Sander and his team translated this belief into a marketing approach that generated brand value, increased brand reputation, connected NXP to many new customers, improved NXP’s pipeline of projects and increased sales taking NXP from a top 20 player in the semiconductor industry to become one of the top 5. All readers, whether they work in marketing departments or as business leaders will find much to stimulate their thinking in this book. The authors clearly explain why cutting the bullsh*t in marketing reaps benefits for companies. Every marketer should have this philosophy. The book combines storytelling and strong UX approach with practical tools, that will resonate with every professional that wants to create impact.

Rick Clemmer

President & CEO, NXP

The Book: Cut The Bullshit Marketing

Cut the Bullsh*t Marketing is a hands-on book about people-to-people marketing in business settings. The book shows you how to design and run effective marketing, without resorting to bullsh*t. It includes methods, insights and real-life anecdotes taken from the broad experience of the authors. The book helps you gain deep understanding of your customers, engage with your target audience in a personal way, and create a Cut the Bullsh*t marketing organization.