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Mark Geljon

Mark Geljon

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Mark Geljon, MS

Mark is managing partner and founder of GriDD. Since 2000 he is creating effective organizations by designing information concepts, creating understandable strategies, and encouraging employees and executives to pursue ambitious visionary goals. Using the methodologies of information architecture and his entrepreneurial pragmatism, he boosts companies into effective human-centered revenue machines. Always at the forefront of new developments, Mark is one of initiators of the visual thinking community in the Netherlands and is currently working to develop the new field of story architecture and proposition building. As a principal consultant for multinational corporations and a coach to executives, entrepreneurs, and TEDx speakers, Mark is known for his ability to facilitate bottom line impact. Furthermore, he is an expert on story architecture, and he knows how to connect with people, create impact, and initiate change. His extensive experience in the high tech and engineering industry has proven to be essential in setting up impactful transformation programs and change initiatives, both in corporate as startup environments. Mark has worked as consultant and manager for a large number of multinational B2B companies, including Philips, NXP, Royal Haskoning DHV, and Teijin Aramid. As a passionate maker, he knows how to craft the ultimate revenue engine. Mark holds a master’s degree in Systems Engineering, Policy Analysis, and Management from Delft University of Technology.

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