Want to optimize revenue and customer engagement simultaneously?

Join us in our Cut the Bullsh*t Marketing Intensive

The experience and knowledge of the authors of the global selling book ”Cut the Bullsh*t Marketing” is now available to support your company in becoming more effective. In an optimized structure, participants will be infused with the thinking, methods and examples of effective marketing, all in a no-bullsh*t way: focused on capabilities, insights and leverage. So they can immediately start to grasp the effects of this great approach.

Three parallel tracks make this an event with great ROI:

1. Be inspired. Through a custom-made program of visits and talks that all are focused on the main challenge you as a company are facing. Thinking of entering the US market? Want to learn from technology incubators? Want to tap into the Maker Community?

2. Be fueled with knowledge and create your specific Cut the Bullshit Marketing plan. The authors and other professionals will take you by the hand and facilitate the process needed to get to the essence of your Cut the Bullshit Marketing strategy. After the course this plan is set so you can start taking the results immediately.

3. Have the time, off-site, to connect on a personal level. In the program we will ensure that there is space to let it all sink in, have the conversations with us and your colleagues to enhance understanding and come to new ideas and approaches.

The program consists of:

  • CTBSM capability analysis. Through a validated questionnaire and benchmark the areas are indicated where you can have ’the biggest bang for the buck”
  • Based on the outcomes, a specific CTBSM blueprint will be set up, outlining the specific ambitions and opportunities within this program. Individual homework will ensure that the program will lead to the utmost results in the shortest time possible.
  • During a 5+ day intensive seminar the authors will share their insights, and a community of peers will be formed that assists eachother in the journey towards more revenue and customer engagement.
  • After this seminar the CTBSM action plan is ready, allowing the participants to mobilize their team and environments to join the journey and start delivering results immediately.
  • A series of in depth webinars and peer interactions will ensure that this is not a one-day-fly thing.
In our experience, every dollar invested should lead to a minimum of 10X ROI. So, this program aims the changemakers, thought leaders and entrepreneurial executives within the (high) tech industry. After the intake, we will cut the bullshit and be honest in our assessment if this program will deliver its intended results.

The investment is 2000 USD per seat (volume rates apply). In January we will host the first pilot in this new format, so a discount will apply.

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