Effective Story map

About the Effective Story map

The Effective Story map canvas helps you quickly create a great story. It is an instrument for handling complexity by providing a framework for story architecture. Story architecture brings structure to a story and connects the goals and intended effects to the content at hand. By creating structure in the form of a mind map, you get a core story framework for your marketing that will provide the basis for all messaging and marketing activities. Defining what you want to say and how you want to say it can be a challenge. With this model, you create a one-page overview of your storyline, while keeping focused on the goal, audience, and setting.

One benefit is that you can collaborate on the story with others, since this is a visual exercise. It provides a structure to deal with all requirements, ideas, content, and key statements you want to include, and it helps you transform these elements into a story that people will connect to.

Download the Effective story map template


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When to use: creating a storyline in a complex setting

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