Persona canvas

About the Persona canvas

The persona canvas helps to capture essential aspects of a persona. A persona is a fictional character that represents a potential user, and it is created from the results of customer research that is based on a user-centered design process.  A persona description includes a photo, a story, and a discussion of the personality and the relevance to the subject of the design. In this way, persona descriptions do the following:

  • Help frame design questions according to more specific user considerations
  • Allow a team to live and breathe the user’s world
  • Provide focus and create a frame of reference
  • Provide input during discussions from the customers’ perspective
  • Evaluate ideas and designs along the way
  • Help decide on inevitable design trade-offs
  • Enable better tactical-level design decisions
  • Provide a powerful method to engage with complex audiences


Copyright: GriDD
When to use: capturing important facets of your target audience

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