Program approach canvas

About the Program approach canvas

The Program approach canvas helps to show the relation between short-term actions and the longer-term vision. It is a valuable instrument in cases in which complexity and uncertainty do not allow for a project approach, for instance when there is no clear point to work toward or no known route to get to that point.

To use the canvas, take the following steps:

  1. Investigate the as-is situation: Where are we today? What customer groups do we serve? What are our products and services? How have we organized ourselves in terms of processes and functionality?
  2. Create clarity on the vision: What is our vision? What activities would help to create a clearer vision? How can we translate that vision into an improvement roadmap?
  3. Determine the boundaries: What restrictions in terms of budget, time, resources, and so forth must we deal with when defining improvement projects to achieve the vision? As with the other aspects, these boundaries change over time, so the program approach requires regularly reviewing the current boundaries.
  4. Define improvement projects: What steps do you need to take to achieve specific goals? Note that these improvement projects are to be managed with clear budgets and timelines. These projects bring you closer toward the vision, even though some specifics of the vision may not be known. These improvement project can be either quick wins or more fundamental improvements, as long as they have clear goals and processes that can be planned and managed to achieve those goals.

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When to use: showing short-term actions in relation to long-term vision

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