Meet Robert Slagter

Robert Slagter

Robert Slagter

Principal consultant

Robert Slagter, PhD

Robert is principal consultant at GriDD and active practitioner of the Cut the Bullsh*t methodologies. He advises and guides large organizations by bringing structure to complex settings, while focusing on clients and employees. He has a passion for understanding what information people need to be effective and how organizations and technology can be designed to support this. Robert has over 15 years of experience in creating impact in high tech, financial, and government organizations. His publications include journal articles and books on designing systems for remote collaboration and on information maturity in organizations. His background in enterprise architecture and information ergonomics have proven to be the secret ingredient for successful global change initiatives in multiple markets. As an active bushcrafter, he knows how to get the most out of every business situation and survive the most extreme situations. He received a PhD from Twente University based on his research into systems that help global teams work together effectively, even if their way of working changes over time.

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