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Sander Arts

Sander Arts

Author | CMO | Advisor | Entrepreneur

Sander Arts, MS

Sander was born in the Netherlands. He is a true global citizen who is currently living and working in the heart of Silicon Valley. He is a global award-winning CMO, strategic advisor, entrepreneur, and lecturer who has extensive experience in increasing revenue and meaningfully reaching (technical) audiences that were historically considered not to care about marketing – hardware and software engineers. As the former Global Head of Marketing of Atmel Corporation and the Global Head of Brand and Marketing at Philips and NXP Semiconductors, Sander transformed the company’s marketing organization, while guiding the global teams to successfully implement a people-to-people lead generation campaign strategy. In the various organizations he has worked for, Sander has passionately promoted in-depth research into customer behavior, creating personas, and understanding the customers’ journey. He holds a master’s degree from Nijmegen University, and a certificate in strategic marketing management from the executive program at Stanford Graduate School of Business. He lectures in Stanford’s Strategic Marketing Program. He is the founder of his own strategic marketing consultancy, Orange Tulip, LLC, in Silicon Valley. He is known for his direct, “no-bullsh*t” approach, building global high-performing teams, generating results that matter, his pragmatism, and his “can-do” spirit.

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